Why Arthur Hayes is facing 5 years in prison | BitMEX charges explained

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Former FinCEN chief counsel Carlton Greene explains how US regulators brought charges against BitMEX and Hayes. He also answers the question: is crypto unfairly targeted by US regulators?

0:00 Intro
2:01 What are the charges against BitMEX and Arthur Hayes?
4:41 How was BitMEX soliciting U.S. customers?
6:06 Was BitMEX only operating outside of U.S. soil?
6:42 What are the penalties for violating the Bank Secrecy Act?
8:18 What are the criminal charges against Arthur Hayes and BitMEX?
9:10 Are both the CFTC and DOJ pressing charges against BitMEX for Bank Secrecy Act violations?
9:44 Will the CFTC's civil action force BitMEX to shut down?
10:22 How useful are SARS for preventing money laundering?
13:18 Why are big banks able to allow money laundering in spite of SARS?
15:04 Does U.S. regulation unfairly target crypto entities?
19:28 Are unregulated crypto exchanges easy targets for U.S. regulators?
22:04 What will be the CFTC and DOJ's next course of action against BitMEX?
23:00 What are the main objectives of the AML enforcers?
24:40 Final comments on the BitMEX and Arthur Hayes case
25:26 Outro

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