TROY - GOLD tokens for gold products sourced from Australia!

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Troy is a crypto project based in Malta that is offering their GOLD token in an upcoming private sale. Their GOLD token can be used to purchase gold products that will be sourced from a Bullseye Mining operation in western Australia. It can also be exchanged for fiat directly from the company. Troy also offers a secure digital vault that has different security levels that you can access via a monthly subscription (can pay with GOLD tokens). Their secure vault is a digital asset wallet essentially. Troy is regulated in Malta and Bullseye (who they are under contract with) is regulated in Australia. Their CEO is Barry Flood and he initially started this company up as Tipbot LTD in Malta but has since rebranded and pivoted their focus to Troy. If you have any questions, I encourage you to ask questions on their site or in their Telegram. They are super responsive and can hopefully help you answer any questions you may have!

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Disclaimer: This IS a sponsored ITO review. We received ~0.18 BTC for it a couple weeks ago. This should only be an introduction to this project and should not serve as financial advice. We are not making any recommendation to buy/sell. Always do your own due diligence for everything in the crypto space please!

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