Robert McChesney - the History of the Internet and it's Corporate Owners

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Robert McChesney examines some of the biggest issues facing our society in the 21st century. The large internet monopolies are controlling the market, with surveillance and lack of privacy becoming "the gold standard for making making. Having all of the information about all of us is central to their business model." Robert explains how this is not only a threat to our rights, but to democracy. With us having a third of the number of working journalists today as we did twenty five years ago on per capita basis. Robert dives into explaining how journalists are a key component to core democratic theory and how due to the current state of the web, there is no signs of them improving. Unless we solve these issues soon, with the technologies on the rise like AI, and robotics, "inequality today will look like a golden age of equality 10 or 20 years down the road."
Watch Robert McChesney to understand key issues in our society today and what Web 3.0 is working towards solving them.
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