(Monday) Crypto Markets BOUNCE back! Bitcoin is not dead.

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Latest Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cryptocurrency news and trends. We take a look at the key events affecting the blockchain sector and review market movements. Combining both fundamental analysis and technical analysis to give you full coverage of the trading space. Find out the latest developments in DeFi and yield farming.

0:00 introduction
4:49 market recap
10:24 Am I still positive about this space?
16:25 Altcoin season?
17:35 Why the dip? F2Pool manipulation?
27:03 Robinhood suspended trading.
30:16 Furucombo hack
36:32 technical debt
36:39 how honeyswap was able to steal people’s funds whilst yieldfarming.
42:12 how to remove approvals on token contracts
45:00 trading going up
45:37 Never sell?
49:42 Tribalism in crypto?
53:30 what I’m paying attention to
1:00:14 margin trading
1:08:00 yield farming: Goose Finance ($EGG), VikingSwap ($VIKING), Taco Finance ($TACO)
1:10:53 Is DeFi season over?
1:12:13 pancake bunny
1:18:37 Market fear?

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