Kahoot on Bitcoin and The Lightning Network [24 Questions to Test Your Knowledge]

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Learn about the bitcoin lightning network and test your knowledge in the process. This video is the most popular excerpt from the Mastering the Lightning Network Livestream on October 17, 2020. Who are these guys? Andreas and René, are 2 of the 3 authors of the upcoming book, Mastering the Lightning Network which will be published by one of the most trusted and respected publishers in the tech industry, O'Reilly media.

0:00 Kahoot
2:06 What is the currency unit in Lightning?
3:37 Do you have to have a channel open to someone in order to pay them?
4:27 The Lightning Network can be used to scale the usage of...
6:08 To make a payment on the Lightning Network, the sender must find a path of payment channels to the recipient. True or False?
7:36 Each intermediary Lightning node chooses which channel to forward a payment through?
9:58 To receive a Lightning payment you must...
11:20 Why is onion routing being used on the Lightning Network?
13:14 On the Lightning Network payments fail if...
14:55 If we split the payment into multiple parts they all have to go the same path. True or False?
16:22 Support René Pickhardt
17:41 Do payment attempts leak information about channel balances?
19:15 Bigger payments have a higher success probability. True or False?
20:30 Lightning wallets are "hot" wallets. True or False?
22:30 Rebalancing channels can be done via...
25:35 The Lightning Network is the only possible scaling solution. True or False?
28:25 HTLC stands for....
29:43 To prevent cheating, Lightning wallets can get help from...
32:07 You can't receive a Lightning payment if you have no inbound channels. True or False?
33:22 Lightning needed SegWit because of...
38:07 Can nodes censor Lightning Network payments based on sender or recipient?
39:45 A Lightning private channel is completely invisible to anyone except the two endpoints. True or False?
44:06 BOLT stands for...
47:46 The Lightning Network white paper was written by...
51:00 Kahoot winners

Learn more about Mastering the Lightning Network book, watch it being developed in real time, and contribute: https://github.com/lnbook You can contribute to this book, even if you're not technical!

Watch the entire Mastering the Lightning Network livestream (an extra hour of content!) https://youtu.be/fEPW6RXMGmA

Mastering the Lightning Network is being written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Olaoluwa Osuntokun, and René Pickhardt. In this event, Andreas and René explained the basics of the Lightning Network, just-in-time (JIT) routing, and much much more. They also played a game of Kahoot with the audience, where they could test their knowledge of the Lightning Network. You can play along too!

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