During The Next GLOBAL RECESSION... Will Bitcoin's Price Rise?

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If and when the next big global recession comes, what will happen to Bitcoin, specifically... will prices rocket as investors flee to Bitcoin (BTC) as a safe haven? That's what many figureheads in the Bitcoin/crypto space have speculated. But is that what will really happen? In this video, Adriaan takes a look at how Bitcoin could perform during a global recession whether that be a crisis, hyperinflation, or other. He also takes a look at Gold's performance in past bear markets / corrections / recessions to get a potential hint at how Bitcoin could perform. If you're interested and want to know whether or not your Bitcoin could perform well in the next upcoming recession then definitely give this super informative video a watch!

Ray Dalio video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHe0bXAIuk0

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