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{I was thinking at end "oh how did I want to end this")

And it was.. Hockey IS HARD.

Baseball is TOO EASY! Thus people with less skill and time can put maximum top level (A, not A+) lineups in and win consistently. I only played twice in 2019 and once was the semi finals off the Fall Classic and my 25c bet won $10 and I finished third I think. But if people knew this strategy then I would have had at least three or four shared lineups in this small game I played. At the time I was only thinking "theory" this hockey strategy would work and boy is it very similar to the baseball one and I know for sure this strategy works in baseball and would be surprised if my results of what other people did shown "They do this" because they aren't doing it much in NHL hockey. It's easier mainly because of 8 or 9 hitters versus 18 skaters or lower number of combos available and in turn less time to figure out the correct combinations.

I have a market trading strategy I feel dentists and teachers and factory workers can do on their off hours and in the same case sort of the same here but there is a little bit more skill needed to do this than my market trading strategy.

The only things stopping profits is either the game (box scores) becoming wildly different and not being able to adjust to the wild changes (NO CHANCE ON THAT as in the box scores of common games changing) or for the PEOPLE to change the way they play and I very highly doubt that will happen. Game on!
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