Cryptocurrency Explained: How to Get More Privacy on Bitcoin Transactions [Privacy is a Human Right]

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In bitcoin, privacy isn't a one and done sort of thing. However, there are simple ways you can increase privacy on your bitcoin transactions right now. Watch this video to learn how. Of course, these ideas apply to other cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets too.

0:00 What are some of the steps one should take to gain privacy while using bitcoin - from simple to advanced?
0:16 You have to do layered defenses
0:42 How you source your bitcoin in the first place
1:22 Buy bitcoin from bitcoin ATMs
2:03 Acquire bitcoin in a person-to-person transaction
2:20 Earn bitcoin
2:41 Avoid address re-use
3:18 Network operational security on all your connections
3:51 Use privacy improving tools
4:38 Financial independence and sovereignty
5:20 Opting out to the system of surveillance and traditional finance is the first step

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