Banks, Debt & Money - Currency Wars Are Global & Domestic

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Banks, Debt & Money - Currency Wars Are Global & Domestic
In this whiteboard video I clearly explain how money is created by different parts of the global financial system. How central banks, governments & retail banks are now engaged in currency wars themselves, as well as the more broadly discussed global currency war. With so much money being created in recent years, how can so much of that be debt? And now we are in the midst of a global financial crisis, the only option for our debt based financial system is negative interest rates.
But negative interest rates risk weakening the banks. So far the federal reserve has prevented a banking collapse by printing money & pumping it into the system. Recently they also began intervening in the corporate bond market. The bond bubble in corporate debt is another house of cards that could trigger a global financial crisis. The stock market is overvalued. Property is overvalued. Growth is slowing & it looks like we are heading for a global recession or depression. But central banks just keep printing money & encouraging governments to join the spending party & run massive fiscal deficits when they already have record government debt. It will take extraordinary measures to prevent the financial system from collapsing, pay all the unfunded liabilities & keep derivatives from collapsing the financial system. Why does all this money end up in the hands of the wealthy, making the rich richer? Why does all this money printing not lead to inflation? Why are economists worried about deflation? This video will clearly explain how central banks create money, how governments create money, how banks create money though loans via fractional reserve lending, how new digital currencies work, how they differ from cryptocurrencies & why banks, central banks & governments are all competing for control of the digital currencies they wish to launch. Finally, I'll explain how Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies & stablecoins offer a digital alternative to the current system for the first time in history. #Banks #Economics #Money

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